If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.

I am in utter shock. This morning I am weighing at 173 pounds. Is this really true?????
Is this really working???? Have I really found the answer to get this weight off?????
This is blowing my mind. Getting this weight off has been my biggest obstacle for decades. I have never felt that I am a fat person. But the mystery of getting the weight off has totally eluded me and I have searched and searched. I was just always so Hungry. I am never hungry eating potatoes. Why it took so long to find this simple answer I don’t know. If I just keep going forward, by this time next year, I can honestly be at the weight that I want to be at. A year seems like a long time, and yet I’ve tried to lose this weight for 25 years. And I don’t want to be heavy for the next 25 years. I’m already so much more comfortable in my body after losing 15 pounds and I still want to let go of a good 60 more. Can you imagine how good that is going to feel. This is a long journey, but I think it is going to be one of my favorite journeys.

Went and had a wonderful pedicure this morning. Diane really takes care of me, and knows how sensitive I am. I am so grateful to have found such a great person for my pedicures. And we have been doing gels, and it stays looking great the whole time.

Hadn’t heard from Handyman Raymond and called him. He took his friend to the dentist in Victorville and never called me. Says he is coming tomorrow. Okayyyyyyyyyy………

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Be stronger than your excuses.

Wide awake. Got up at 3:00am and took shower, did laundry. Stayed up til 7:00am, then took a short nap. Handyman Raymond showed about for about a half hour and then never came back. Cement mixer still in my front yard, so hopefully, he is planning on doing the cement work this week. Although, he did take his trailer.

My new tenant parked directly behind me, and locked me in all day yesterday. So, I have moved my van to Skipper’s driveway for the week. Helped Carol with different things and her car today. Spent several hours with her. Hoping everything works out okay.

Walmart still not open. This may take a while. The national debate is tonight with Trump and Clinton. Trump is much more animated, and Americans love that. They predict 100 million people will watch tonight.

I have so many things to do, and I got so few of them done today. Tomorrow, I go for my pedicure.
High priority. lol I am really looking forward to it. Everything else can definitely wait.

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And so, she began to start living the life she had always imagined.

It’s Sunday morning. Last day of class. Class started at 4:00am this morning. Honestly, I am not learning how to do anything in this class. It’s a little too technical for me. But, I am staying with it, because I figure the more I’m exposed to this, the more familiar I will become. So, it’s really not helping me with my own RV, but maybe in some abstract way it is. It never hurts to have more knowledge, even if you don’t understand it the first time through. It’s all brand new to me.

Good news. My new tenant moved into the back unit yesterday. Haven’t seen her yet. There is no electricity on over there right now. I’m sure we’ll all figure it out on Monday. I think she may have been involved in the big Blue Cut fire in Cajon Pass in San Bernardino recently. That is about an hour away and she lived there for 18 years, so I’m not sure why she has come out here. Probably just more affordable. Hopefully, she is a good tenant and will be here for many years. She is very close to my age, so that is cool. Everyone else who looked at the unit had small children. I’m feeling positive about this.

Walmart had their million dollar fire on Wednesday, and they are still closed. Not sure when they expect to re-open.

Yesterday, Skipper and Cheri flew to Texas for Jessica’s wedding. They’ll be back on the 4th.

Trying to make the Health Tonic. Too grainy. Going to get a fine mesh strainer and a nut milk bag and strain it. Thank goodness for Amazon. They should be here Tuesday.

Oh, this morning I weighed in at 174. It has been years and years and years since I have seen 174. I am feeling so positive about getting this weight off of me. I don’t know about keeping it off. Will probably need to keep lots of potatoes in my diet when I get this weight off. But, if that is the secret, I am so happy that I have FINALLY discovered it. At least I am never hungry.

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Begin with Yes.

Had class at 5:00am. Lasted four hours. Then somehow there was a miscommunication and they didn’t tell us when to come back. Kept checking. About 30 minutes before class ended – 3 1/2 hours later – they posted a message, class finished for the day. Come back at 4:00am – an hour earlier – tomorrow. Never easy.

Handyman Raymond said positively will have everything done this week. Well, all of his equipment is sitting in my front yard – including the cement mixer. But, he is gone for the weekend.
I love handymen. Sighhhhhhhhhhh……

People are so reliable. Gotta love em’. Sigh again…..

Oh, Walmart had a one million dollar fire Wednesday. A 12-year-old boy came into the store on his scooter, pulled out his butane lighter, and set the craft department on fire deliberately. Lots of fire and water damage. Several employees had smoke inhalation. They found the boy riding his scooter a few blocks away. Yikes!

I want to relax, but I don’t feel relaxed. Gotta run.

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It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

Started off at 3:00am this morning. Did lots around the house, including the laundry. Class starts at 5:00am here. After about 90 minutes of class,those who are physically in the class, went outside to do skills on their RV’s and left us online students to our own devices. I am currently lost on what to do – So I went shopping. Bought vegetables to start my vegetable juices for my cleansing for my chronic bronchitis. Went to Von’s, Stater Brothers, and Food 4 Less. Went to Walmart. They had a small fire and Walmart is closed this morning. Then went over to Rite Aid and bought a picture frame. I bought a picture of Marilyn Monroe in a potato sack. Great picture. Then I ate breakfast – potato and salsa. My current standard favorite. And started my food diary for the doctor that is helping me. My supplies to drink will arrive today. It’s about time for class to begin again. They should be finishing up lunch.

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Quietness has a strong voice.

This RV Maintenance class is dry, boring, and I am getting left behind. Too many numbers. Amps, volts, watts, etc. I feel badly that I am so bad at this. But, three more days to go.

Huge windy, Dust Storm. Received alert on cell phone – Do Not Drive. I do not like the wind. Everything has already blown all over the yard.

Feeling cranky. Think I’m tired. Couldn’t sleep last night and class starts at 5:00am.

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Traveling alone is the single best gift you can give yourself.

Online streaming, RV Maintenance class today, from 5:00am to 2:00pm. They said that today would be the hardest. Sure hope so. So many numbers with volts, watts, amperage, etc. If I learn just one thing that can save me one visit to RV repair shop, this class will have paid for itself.

Also, signed up with Kwang Wellness to cure my COPD and Chronic Bronchitis. Starting with a
six-week course of teas. I have feeling confident that this is going to work. So, hopefully, in six weeks, my chronic bronchitis will be better, and I will have lost more weight with my potatoes. This is so exciting.

So many things going on right now. Need to take this one day at a time.

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Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.

Handyman Raymond showed up at my door at 9:30am this morning. We talked until 11:30am about potatoes. He worked until 1:30pm. Then he left and didn’t come back until 6:00pm and worked for an hour. One exciting thing that is happening is that both his daughter and his brother have started eating potatoes. They both already are feeling so much healthier. This still blows my mind. It is real. His brother weighs about 500 pounds, and obviously, has health issues. So, if he can stay with it, I would love to see how his health improves. This is my 20th day, and I am still loving it. But, this afternoon Dr. Kwang’s office is calling. And, I definitely what to clear this chronic bronchitis from my chest. But, I can always drink their teas and juices, and then just have potatoes. I know that it will all work out okay.

Mostly, I love the weight loss. 176 this morning. Jeans fitting more comfortably. Long way to go.

Received a call about the RV Tech class that I am taking online starting tomorrow morning. The Live Class is in Arkansas and starts at 8:00am, which is 5:00am our time. It is eight hours each day starting tomorrow through Sunday, for five days. So, looks like I will be pretty busy this week.

Also, Kwang Wellness called today. They have the results from my DNA hair sample. The first phase of herb teas will address circulation for six weeks. They will call back tomorrow to tell me more and perhaps get things started. So, I’m thinking if I can stay on the potatoes and do the herbs for six weeks, I should be in pretty good shape in six weeks. Health Health Health. I Love It.

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Go in the direction where your peace is coming from.

Handyman Raymond called at 9:00am to say he would be here at 11:00am – and, of course, I never heard back from him all day. I am soooooooooooooo tired of handymen. We’ll see if he shows up tomorrow.

Dr. Kwang’s office called today about my chronic bronchitis. Asked me a few more questions, and will call me back tomorrow. So, I am feeling pretty positive about that. They really believe they can help me, and I am ready to give it a try.

Took care of more business today and had papers notarized.

Also, finally signed up again with Netflix and have been watching Grace and Johnny, with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Season 2. Have a little list of several shows on Netflix that I’d like to check out.

Absolutely gorgeous day. Just want to enjoy each warm day. Love the warm weather.

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I am prosperous.

So many projects. So many naps. lol
Tend to get a little overwhelmed.

Went with Skipper and Cheri today and had our flu shots at Rite Aid.
So proud of myself. Skipper and Cheri had ice cream at the Thrifty’s there, and I did not.
This is Spudtember!
Feeling very healthy and loving it.

Enjoying watching the Emmy Awards tonight. It’s been really good this year.

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