Show your inner beauty, too. Smile!

Show your inner beauty, too. Smile!

Went to Kaiser and had the two new moles above my eyebrow checked.  Just growths.  If they remove them, they will leave a scar.  Might try that Apple Cider Vinegar I read about a while back.  Put it on, it will turn black and fall off.  Uncle Joe went to physcial therapy at the Veterans in Livermore this morning.  We are all going to meet for lunch at Jim’s Cafe in Pleasanton.  Had a great time.  Although, Auntie Isabel has been getting quieter and quieter.  Is she not feeling well?  Is she upset with us?  Is she worried about everything?  Everybody is declining, and it is no fun.

Poor dad is really getting scared.  The last two mornings, and just now after laying down for about two minutes – he cannot get up and he cannot walk.  Well, he can – but after gettting super scared and a lot of difficulty.  Thankfully, he has agreed to start taking his pain pills – cross fingers – I think that may be helpful for now.  Also, not drinking milk – it is now giving him explosive diarrhea – he is constipated.  So, after three months promotion – and this being the last week – he has agreed with me to go to the “After 8:00pm – 50% off – milkshakes at Sonic”.  I told him this will be our BIG SUMMER GETAWAY BONANZA FUN!  I know I’m a little testy, but this “not living” crap is getting on my nerves.  And with his mobilty going downhill – let’s face it – I’m scared.  So sarcastic laughter it is, cause it’s what I’m most comfortable with.  Even in bad times, I want it to be good times.  The way that “I” do it is not pretty – but, I’m hanging on by a thread.  I definitely don’t like to be the one responsible.   I like to go hide out in my cave, and pretend everything is just fine.  I’m pretty good at it actually.  I guess I would prefer to have more of this “nothing” life, than what’s likely to come.  I could tell you all of the bad things that are in store – but, why bum you out too.  Things WILL work out – The End.  Smile!

Oh yeah – and my car’s engine is still racing!  DRAT!

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