You make life better just by being you.

You make life better just by being you.

Yesterday, I went to Jim’s Hair Salon and had my hair cut short with lots and lots of blonde highlights.  I like it.  Then went to Coldstone and had a Hawaiian Shaved Ice with Tiger’s Blood flavoring.  First time.  I liked it!  We took dad to Dr. Waterhouse for a physical.  Everything looks good.  The doctor signed dad up for next Tuesday to take the Kaiser “Fall Prevention Class” to learn how not to fall down so much.  We are going to get him some lactose-free milk from the store for dad.   And Kaiser is supposed to call us hopefully about getting a small chair for him to sit down in his shower. 

I’m still listening to the “Brilliant Body Health Summit” audio’s online every night.  They are about 90 minutes each.  I think we’re on about number 17 out of 27 interviews about raw fruit/food diets.  I still like the idea of lots of mono meals of fruit.  Just seems simple, logical, healthy and fun.  Enjoying the interviews.

Had my car’s oil changed at Firestone today.  Went over to Lenscrafter and had my new glasses adjusted.  I now think that I know what the problem is.  I am having an alergic reaction to the plastic of the glasses.  I have the most sensitive skin….. Sheesh!  It’s always something.  You know why I can’t keep these new glasses on?  Everywhere they touch me, it feels like it is burning.  On my ears, on my nose, everywhere.  So, now that I have Finally figured out why I can’t keep them on, I will go back, and see about getting a different pair of glasses.  But, I hate every single one.  I REALLY, REALLY want Lasik surgery, but it costs about $5,000.  New glasses, here I come.   lol


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