It’s a brand-new day!

It’s a brand-new day!

This morning dad and I are going to the movies and see “Ted” at the 10:30am showing.  At 2:10pm I have an eye exam appointment at Kaiser.  Yesterday, my glasses broke.  I ran over to Walmart and had them fixed.  The guy said that the frames are about shot and the glasses could break again at any moment.  NOT comforting.  I have worn these frames about 5 years because it is such a hassel.  The last time I went back about twenty times because I could not see properly out of the new glasses and finally had to choose another frame to make things work better.  I settled for a pair I didn’t really like, because I couldn’t stand the headaches and dizzyness and no solutions.  It always takes a good two weeks to get my new glasses because I have to get the three visions in one and tinting and making SUPER-thick glasses Thin.  Costs a bundle and takes forever.  SOMEDAY I really, really, really want to have laser eye surgery and SEE!  🙂

Auntie Isabel called last night.  Nick Russo has died.  This guy has been SO sick for At Least Three Years.  In bed, can’t function sick.  When we all visited him about a month ago, he was completely out of it.  He didn’t know any of us.  Not even his wife, Louise.  He grew up on same street with dad and Uncle Joe in West Oakland.  They have been friends all of their lives.  This one really hurts the guys, but they are so happy to see the suffering is over.  Not sure if we are going to the funeral in Alameda on Tuesday.  I am So Sick of funerals.  But, if the boys want to go, I know that I will drive them.  Just don’t want to think about it right now.

11:30pm  Long story short.  Good news!  My eyes are a Little Bit Better!  Eye doctor also adjusted my reading vision.  She thinks it will help, so that I won’t always have to take my glasses off for reading.  She says that now I will be able to keep my glasses on for reading.  The gal who was helping me pick out new glasses broke off my nose pad.  Monday, I have to go to an office in downtown Hayward and have it welded back on.  Ugh!  We picked out a pair of glasses that is back-ordered, and everything continued to go downhill.

THEN – I went to Lenscrafter and had a SPLENDID experience.  Lots of help.  Plus, they take a picture of you in each pair of glasses so you can see which one you like best.  And another person comes over and helps with a second opinion. And, they measure you with the computer to – hopefully – get your progressives at the right locations on the glasses.  I still have to wait two weeks and pay a Fortune – $548.00 – but, my glasses always cost too much, which is why I like to get them as seldom as possible. 

Cousin Debbie called at 1:00pm.  She, Krissy & kids; Kim & kids; and Deaunn were at the restaurant.  They came the wrong day!  Oiy!  Debbie says she is coming back tomorrow with the rest of the family.  Not sure about the others.  I sent every single person a reminder email about 10 days ago – Emphasizing SUNDAY – and No One read it.  Se La Vie! 

Have been trying to repair my Hydra Brush electric tooth brush.  Not looking too good.  Think I am going to have to break down and get a new one.  I’ve kept this one working a long time, so guess it’s time.  Of course, everything happens at the same time. 

This has been a busy and a good day.  Hey!  I took a piece of raw chicken with a little water, salt and pepper and cooked in my Orka for 7 minutes in the microwave.  It came out Really Good!  Have some more chicken.  Can’t wait to try it again.

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  1. estefana831 says:

    Today is a new day and although we do not have the same struggles, I can definitely relate!

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