You sparkle.

You sparkle.

Went grocery shopping at 8:30 this morning.  First made quinoa in my Orka steamer in the microwave;  then made bacon and eggs in it.  Everything went down the garbarge disposal.  lol  Hmmm  try try again another day.  Also, made a green salad and guacamole, which both turned out great.  Then I went to the movies and saw “Katy Perry Part of Me”.  I loved it.  Dad went for a long drive with Bill after exercise all the way to Brentwood.  His back really hurt and they had to stop and get out of the car several times.  Yes, dad did “not” take his pain pills.  He is so convinced he can do it without them.  Gets in trouble every time.  He blamed it all Bill for taking the back roads.  Ha ha.  Bill “always” takes the back roads and dad Loves It – when he has taken his pain pill.  Just don’t try to convince him of that.  lol  God Bless.  That’s what keeps him young and going at 87.  Honestly, every day this last few months has been relaxed, fun, and pleasant.  One day at a time.  Relax and go with the flow.  Just enjoying these days of being so spoiled.  It’s not normal, but it is wonderful.

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  1. mttrailboss says:

    Beautiful blog.. You truly are beautiful, inside and out, and one in a million. Your lost brother.., well, not that lost. At least, I am NOT a monk.

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