You shine brighter than the sun, moon and stars.

You shine brighter than the sun, moon and stars.

Remember that $300 I had transferred to my bank account.  Looks like my new cell phone is being put on hold.  I ordered from HSN – Tropiclean Dental Care Kit to help keep tartar off Luigi’s teeth;  Royal Treatment Tear Stain Powder – which is supposed to “safely” eliminate his awful tear stains.  I stopped using the one with the antibiotics because of the dangers involved;  Mission Enduracool Instant Cooling Towels – because you just snap them three times and no water needed – hopefully to help keep me cool this summer.  I also went on ebay and bought a green Alpaca knit hat to hopefully cover my ears.   These are all things that I have been wanting and the timing just worked out.  Guess I’ll have to be a little bit patient on the new cell phone.  Darn.

I have been using my new Cool Touch Reusable Comfort Cushion.  It stays cool.  I have been laying with it under my lower back.  To restimuate it, just get it cool under 70 degrees or the refrigerator.  I actually slept on it all night long.  It kept me cool so that I was able to sleep all night.  Also, tried the two new Lounge Lizard Dual Dry Hydro Towels.  They work really well.  I put one in my trunk.  I am going to try it for a beach towell and a picnic towell.  Might be good towels to use in my RV one day.  I absolutely LOVE my Joe Campanelli dusting tools.  I LOVE ALL of his products.  I returned the 3 tops that I ordered from J.C.Penney.  They were just too thin and showed all my stomach fat rolls.  Ay Yai Yai.  I am supposed to be drinking all that tea and haven’t really that much.  Also, heard about getting Green Coffee Beans from Health Food Store from Dr. Oz.  Take 800mg twice a day on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals.  Supposed to lose approximately one pound per day.  Definitely going to try that and going to try drinking more of the tea.

We are going to the 10:40am showing of the movie, “For Greater Glory” with Andy Garcia.  Hoping dad will enjoy it.  Says it is a War Adventure, Historical Epic, and Historical Film.  The critics hate it, and the Fan Reviews LOVE IT. 

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