Congratulate yourself. You’re doing a great job!

Congratulate yourself. You’re doing a great job!

Dad and I are meeting Kenny and Lisa at Red Chili’s on Mission for lunch today.  Last night, Luigi and I did a quick run through of Luigi’s tricks for Bill.  Bill says that should be just fine for the dog tricks show.  Bang!, Sit, High Five, Down, Roll Over, Turn Right,  Turn Left, Jump Through Hoop.  Seems a little thin to me.  Have to get active and teach Luigi Weave through Legs.  Active?  Me?  lol  Well, (Maybe). 

Great lunch!  So much fun.  On the way home, we stopped at our neighbor, Phyllis, coach to see her new two month old black mini poodle with the Hawaiian name, Nani.  She is SOOOOOO  Adorable.  I took pictures, but there was not enough light and an all-black poodle in a dark room, looks like a smudge.  lol  She thinks she will grow to about 8 pounds.  Luigi is 7 pounds, so she may be about the same size.

This morning, I put a strip of Luigi’s favorite “duck strip” peeking out of my top – placed my left leg way far out – and told Luigi “UP!”.  In an instant – he was UP!  He learned a new trick!   This is the smartest dog in the whole wide world.  Motivation Works!

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