Believe you can and you’re halfway there!

Dad and I, and Uncle Joe, 90, and Auntie Isabel, 94,  went to Alameda today to Louise Russo’s, 89,  house and had lunch with Louise and her sister Carmela, 96.  Everyone is so positive and bright of mind.  Beautiful, sunny day and we had sandwiches in the beautiful, lush, secluded back yard.  I took pictures with my cell phone – sure hope I can figure out how to get the pictures out of my cell phone and hopefully post them on Facebook and here on my blog and save them with my personal pictures.  We really had a great time.  Hope we can do this again.

My back has been out for a couple of days now.  I was the old lady at the party!  haha  They gave me pillows and that helped a lot.  When we got home I took one of dad’s Norco pain pills.  It did not help my back, but naturally, I was nauceous and headachy.  But, not too bad.  Just rested this evening.


Dad and Bill Mack are going to exercise this morning and then to their last Wednesday of the month exercise class lunch.  I’ve got LOTS of errands to run around and do this morning.  This afternoon we are taking dad to Kaiser to see if his eyes are ready to get his cataracts removed.  He sure hopes so!


Hang Jeans to Dry

Never – repeat – never – dry your jeans completely in the clothes dryer. Pull them out after about 15 minutes in the dryer and hang them up to finish drying. You can hang them over a shower bar or use a skirt/pants hanger. Either way, they will dry straight and keep some softness from their time in the dryer, but they won’t shrink and wrinkle up.I’ve made this a rule for the entire household, it not only keeps the jeans fitting everyone better, but it makes them last a lot longer. Plus, your loads dry much faster if you hang the heavy jeans, so it’s good for saving on your electric or gas bills, and it helps you get through laundry day faster. This technique works well for corduroys and shirts too.

Source: I found the tip about jeans in a book of advice about looking your best at any size. I’ve always hung shirts and blouses half-dried, but thought I had to dry jeans completely.

Found the above from a website from a Google Search.

Took dad to Dr. Rhee, his union insurance doctor for his back today.

You don’t need to be new. Just be you!

Dad and I went to the Memorial Day BBQ at the clubhouse today.  Yanni did the catering and we had music and karaoke.  They sat a new gal who has recently retired and just moved into the park about three months ago named Sheila.  Nice gal. 

They originally were not going to have the BBQ and at the last minute they decided to try and had a great turnout with 113 people.  Lots of fun.  Oh Yeah!  I won one of the 17 envelopes from the raffle – $10!

Something good is headed your way.

Skipper and Cheri had to go back home today.  Dad and I took Luigi to PetSmart at Bayfair to get groomed by Ethan.  He does such a wonderful job and Luigi is always so happy to go there.  Dad and I went to the dining table at the clubhouse.  Lots of people.  Lots of fun.  Came home, and cleaned up and did laundry and made bacon and eggs.  Nice relaxing day.

We added dad to Facebook today!

Cheri and I added dad to Facebook today.  Pretty exciting.  It is totally different on his Tablet, but it is really cool.

11:00pm  Dad has 37 Facebook Friends!

Today we had the cousins Family Lunch at Don Jose’s in Castro Valley. There were 22 of us.  Dad and I, Skipper, Cheri, Kenny, Lisa, Debbie, Deaunn, Jim, Carlotta, Al, Lyn, Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel, Tommy, Bobby, James, Gordon, Nicholas, his wife, son Jonah, daughter Julia,  

Then we went to Lucca’s Deli to pick up lots of goodies for Skipper and Cheri’s Monday BBQ in Barstow for Labor Day Monday.

Carol Mack came over tonight and we played cards, Hand and Foot.  Lots of Fun!  Great Day!


You’re one of the best kinds of wonderful!

Dad went to exercise with Bill Mack this morning.  Skipper, Cheri and I had Starbucks.  Skipper, Cheri, dad and I had deli sandwiches for brunch.  Cheri got dad’s Tablet set up with as his Tablet does not support Google Play Store.  She also downloaded a couple of games, like Solitaire, for him.  Cheri and I went shopping at Kohl’s and Catherines and picked up El Pollo Loco chicken for dinner.  Spent lots of time with the computers today.  Fun day.