A new day can make all the difference.

We took dad to get his haircut this morning.  He drove his car all day as he hasn’t used his car for weeks.  And we got gas, dropped books off at the library; stopped by the Medical Supply store on Foothill and bought his a new corset for his hernia;  had lunch with Uncle Joe at Norman’s Restaurant.  He is doing pretty well.  He is keeping very busy, throwing things out and finding other things.  Tommy has agreed to stay with him through Sunday and then I think he will be coming to our house.  Dad and I visited this afternoon with Eleanor and Luie.  We are going to try and start visiting more often.  Came home and took a nap and then went to the Jacuzzi.  Watching all the daytime Halloween talk shows that I taped today.  Happy Halloween!

You are as amazing as you let yourself be!

About ten seconds before dad left for exercise class this morning, Uncle Joe called, and said that Tommy was not having any luck with Bank of America.  So dad and I drove straight to Uncle Joe’s and took him to the bank and got all of his banking straightened out.  Then the three of us had lunch at McDonald’s.  Then the three of us went and talked to Pam, the Manager.  She said that Tommy would have to be 62 before he could think about moving in.  Tommy will be 60 this Friday, November 1st.  But, it does look good that with the reduced income, when (if) Uncle Joe moves into a one-bedroom, his rent will also be reduced.  Tommy is going to stay with him until Friday.  Came home and took a serious nap in the recliner.  Then went to the Jacuzzi.  I am so exhausted.  Just trying to get a little rest tonight.  But we did accomplish a lot today and that is good.

Make today count. Dream!

This morning, dad and I went to the dining table at the club house.  Lots of people there and had a fun time.  Then we had lunch at Yanni’s Cafe.  We both had a big donut at the clubhouse and brought half of our delicious linguica omelettes home and had them for dinner tonight.  Perfect!  This afternoon we did our laundry and I boiled my herbs.  Wow!  This batch tastes awful!  We ran over to Bob Birds and picked up two calendars for next year.  Tonight I went line dancing.  Really enjoying it, but there are only going to be three more classes between now and the middle of January, and the next one on the twelfth is the day of Auntie Isabel’s funeral, plus Skipper and Cheri called tonight and they will be here for the services!  That is the good news!  Tommy and Uncle Joe had a very busy day today.  So happy about that.  Good day.


Auntie Isabel was rushed to Valley Care Medical Center in Pleasanton at 4:00am this morning and died about 6:00am of a heart attack.  Dad and I, Debbie, Deaunn and Jean went to Uncle Joe’s and cousin Tommy was also there.  Most of the day, Debbie, Deaunn, Jean and I spent at Holy Angel’s Mortuary in Hayward making arrangements.  Turns out, Tommy had told the hospital to send her to Chapel of the Chimes – so we had to make arrangements to get her back over to Holy Angel.   Meanwhile cousin Kenny went to Uncle Joe’s and they had MANY shots of whiskey.  That sounds perfect to me.  Auntie Isabel is 94, would have been 95 December 21st.  You always know this day will come, but there is never any way to prepare for it.  You love someone and you miss them, and that is all there is to it.  And you worry about the loved ones left behind.  I’m going to miss her hugs.  And she always listened to me.  She understood how difficult it is to live with dad, because she always lived with the same “quirks” with Uncle Joe.  We could commiserate together.  Her mind was always bright and she was ready to do things.  She had a Yes attitude.  I’m sure going to miss our twice weekly lunches together, where we could talk for two to six hours about everything.  I always felt like I was being heard when I talked to her.  I feel like the world will feel a little bit more alone without her.  But, I am happy she is in a peaceful place and has no more earthly burdens.  I am happy that she went quickly and had a happy, healthy, full life.  I hope she knows how loved and appreciated she truly was and we send our love with her through all eternity.  Rest in Peace my beautiful Auntie.  I Love You.

Dad and I are going to ask Uncle Joe to come live with us.  I REALLY hope he says yes.  If he stays alone, we are going to lose him too quickly.  I love Uncle Joe so much, and remember all the happy days they had when they were young and their uncles came and lived with them.  I definitely want this for us.  Families need to stay together, and we have such a fun, loving family.  It is so the right thing.  We have to make this happen for ALL of us.  Bet we’ll be eating a lot more pasta again soon!  lol  Can’t wait.


Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a Buddhist mantra that I learned years ago.  While struggling with my new mantra – ohn ma ni ba mi hon – which feels a bit like a tongue twister for me, suddenly my previous mantra popped into my head.  Now to decide which mantra to work with at this time.  I’m sure it doesn’t matter, but it is kind of fun!

Aha!  I just looked up my new mantra – and apparently Dr. Tsao gave it to me incorrectly.  On the computer it is – Om mani padme hum – one of the most important mantras in Buddhism.  I’m going to research this and go from there.

Today, dad and I are not going to the movies.  We’ve decided to just stay home and watch football games, 49ers and the Raiders and have bacon and eggs for breakfast.



Ohn Mani Bami Hon – phonetically:  Own Maw Knee Baa Mee Hone (long o).

This is the mantra that my acupuncturist gave me yesterday to meditate and visualize with twenty minutes a day, twice a day.  I want to do this to work towards clearing up my eyesight.  Yes, I know that I am going to acupuncture to clear up this mucus in my chest – this was week 10!  Guess I was So Healthy for the last seven years, this year is trying to make up for it.  lol    I am Convinced that I will be Healthy!  I AM HEALTHY!   Just want my little bits and pieces back in order.

Dad and I drove Niles Canyon to Pleasanton again today and visited Agnes Destasi at The Parkview for Retirement.  She was so happy to see dad.  She does have alzheimers and doesn’t remember anything – but, she is so much fun and she still plays bridge.  She doesn’t even remember visiting with Auntie Dorothy three years ago at Baywood.  She called tonight to thank dad for visiting and hopes he comes visits again soon.  This afternoon dad and I went to Walmart and then we visited with Eleanor Flanagan and Luie.  Such a fun visit.

Good news is – driving today was less scary.  Sure hope it continues to improve.  Not sure, but it seems that after my acupuncture treatments, my eyes improve.  Also, continuing my eye exercises and qigong exercises.




Macula Pucker, also known as Cellophane Membrane, ERM – Epiretinal Membrane.

Sometimes the scar tissue–which causes a macular pucker–separates from the retina, and the macular pucker clears up – YEP!  THIS IS WHAT I AM WORKING ON MY QIGONG FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I received the Ultimate Eye Support Vitamins from Lessman on HSN – Home Shopping Network.  Need to try Everything to help my eyes.

Hey, did I mention the good news is, I don’t seem to be having the headaches now.  So, primarily I need to work on the vision blurry and contortedness.

Went to acupuncture today and had needles for the mucus in my chest and for my allergies and for my eyesight.  Had the infrared for my chest.  Brought home more herbs to boil.  Also, received a mantra to chant and meditate/visualize with.

Ohn Ma Ni Ba Mi Hon

Went to Lake Elizabeth today and took a short barefoot walk.  Felt so good.  Also, received my Spring Forest SFQ – Level One Qigong dvd’s and book with Master Chunyi Lin in the mail to help work on health.


You deserve the best!

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel’s today and then had lunch at Jack-in-the-Box.  Fixed their new telephone.  We finally figured out – accidentally – lol – that you adjust the Ringer Setting – when the phone is Not being used.  Anyway, now they are very happy.

Took Niles Canyon – boy, this driving and focusing is really dangerous.  Did have a little bit of time where it was not too bad, but this Really needs to Improve – Soon!

“Perhaps” good news I read online “A macular pucker is not related to macular degeneration,  these are two different problems. A macular pucker should not be considered a  precursor to a macular hole.”

Received the Medical Application in the mail today.  Sheesh…. is all this paper work worth it???  Not sure yet.


Believe in yourself.

Called Kaiser about changing my plan to include prescriptions.  Holy Smokes!  They want to DOUBLE my monthly to almost $1,000 PLUS have a $5,000 deductibe!  Oy vey!  So, I called Medical and they are sending me an application to see if I may qualify for Federal Assistance.  Why is my body kicking my butt, right when medical is out-of-control.  That’s life I guess.  These headaches and bad focus are giving me a distasteful attitude.  I have started some of my new qigong exercises and will be getting more.  Sure hope something helps.

The good new is, this morning my weight is 185.  Now on to 180.  Definitely want to keep up the momentum and going in the right direction.


Today I purchased and downloaded Wu’s Eye Qi Gong.  These are seven videos with eye exercises to help with the health of the eyes.  As I have just been diagnosed with ERM – Epi-Retinal Membrane or Cellophane Maculopathy, my eyes are of great concern to me.  I am having a lot of trouble seeing.  The trouble is in my left eye.  When I am reading, there are a lot of “smudged” spots and everything is wavy.  My regular (not reading) vision is a bit blurred, wavy, and focusing is a problem; and I am especially struggling with driving.  Even just regular vision, I am seeing a lot of blurring.  No clear or crisp at all.  Emotionally, I am very upset and concerned that I am not going to be able to drive.  Which, specifically, means all these years of dreaming, while taking care of dad, of one day having a small RV and traveling and seeing all 50 states, and even 100 countries, will never happen, because I cannot see, or drive and cannot focus and have headaches.  That I will spend all of my life, as I have spent all these years – alone, in a room – with no vision to see or ability to focus.  Also, I am still experiencing an on-going headache.  I am writing these notes down here and now, and after working with these exercises for a few months, I can refer back to these notes and compare how my vision is doing and how my emotions are feeling.

Reading online I see the correct verbiage is:  “blurry and distorted” central vision.

Bill and his son Kevin had brought over a life-size statue of a beautiful, very life-like dog to dad and I a couple of days ago.  But, all dad and I could do was cry and achingly miss our little Luigi, so thankfully, we were able to give the statue dog back to Bill.  He was very understanding.

I went to Walmart this morning, and dad and I went to Lucky’s this afternoon.

Tonight I am going to take some pictures I had developed over to Eleanor.  They are cute pictures of Eleanor and Luie.  Then I am going line dancing at the clubhouse.