Wonderful things happen all the time.

Wonderful things happen all the time.

Cousin Debbie brought us such exciting news today.  Her eldest daughter, Cousin Kim and husband Edgar, have Landon 10 and Annie just turned seven this week – are expecting a new baby around January 7th.  Yes, it was a surprise for them also.  Kim is 35 and Edgar 51.  Landon and Annie just shot a commercial in Dublin last week for a commercial for Goldilock Bakery AND they are going to use Annie picture on ALL the posters in ALL the bakeries in both California and Nevada.  What an exciting week they are having.  I am so happy for all of them.  Such a beautiful family.  Loving, warm, kind, caring.  Amazing.

Today dad and I had lunch at McDonalds in Castro Valley with Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel and Cousin Debbie.  Lots of fun.

We took my car to Jim’s Automotive on Mission Blvd. and had an oil change.

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