You will go far!

You will go far!

Today, Dr. Sangat cleaned Luigi’s teeth.  It cost $150 including the anesthesia and antibiotics.  I took him in at 9:00am and he wasn’t ready to pick up until 5:00pm.  I have to give Luigi liquid antibiotics every twelve hours for one week.

Our 80 year-old neighbor, Virginia, had coffee at the clubhouse dining table yesterday with everyone.  Then went across the street to Tacos Uruapan.  She feel and fractured her leg and her wrist.  Now, she is over at the rehab center on Gading Road to recover.

Taking Luigi off of rawfeeding for now, while Skipper and Cheri are here and until I learn a little bit more about feeding such a small dog.  Luigi is 7 pounds.  So, it will be a couple of weeks before I can hopefully, start again. 

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