Luigi is feeling much better.  I talked to our veterinarian, Dr. Sangat at Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward.  He agreed to clean Luigi’s teeth for the sale price that Haymont Veterinarian on Mission Blvd. is offering right now.  Instead of $295 or $300, he is cleaning his teeth for $147.50.  Apparently, he would normally expect to do blood work, but since we just did it for this little emergency with Luigi’s anal glands, we’re all set.  Here is the breakdown on cost: 

Dental teeth scaling, polishing and sedation $108
I.V. catheter and fluids $21
Antibiotics  $18

Okay, now because of this latest fiasco.  Luigi having a crisis with his anal glands; having tartar and needing his teeth cleaned;  always having very bad tear stains;  not having a shiny coat – I said enough is enough.  So, today I looked up on the computer about him changing his diet to raw meat.  I signed up with Rawfeeding on Yahoo Groups and Facebook.  I’m going to learn much more about it.  Today, I bought him some raw chicken pieces and organ meats.  He is a little unsure of it and started crying.  haha  I said, “Eat it”.  He’s actually kind of enjoying it as I type this.  Cross fingers that I am doing the right thing.

Bought a new swim suit at J.C. Penny’s today; got a pedicure and used the jacuzzi.  Someone had simply pushed the big red STOP button.  All is well.

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