New beginnings.

New beginnings.

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel’s.  Then we all went to lunch at Zorn’s Restaurant in Pleasanton.  Lots of fun today.  Luigi is feeling much better and his test results all came back good.  We may be able to get his teeth cleaned for $147.50.  I’ll follow up on it tomorrow.

Auntie Dorothy’s house has sold.  I drove by there.  It sure makes me a little sad.  I guess that’s natural.  It pulls on my sad strings.  I want to be positive and be happy and believe she is in heaven.  I feel a sense of loss and longing.  Kinda selfish.  I miss her.  This is just life.  Life goes on.  Sometimes it hurts.  Sometimes we wallow.  Guess I’ll wallow for a little while.  Maybe it’s good to feel a little pain sometimes.  Maybe it makes you feel human.  But, I prefer feeling happy.  Happy Days Auntie Dorothy!  I Love You!

Good news.  Turns out the jacuzzi – someone had just pushed the Emergency Red Stop Button.  It’s back up and running.  Now, I’m too lazy to go over there.  haha  Maybe tomorrow.  I don’t like my new swim suit that I ordered online.  It has a hook right in the middle of my back where I cannot reach.  Called Ross Stores tonight.  They said they have women’s swimsuits in.  Think I’ll run over to the Castro Valley store tomorrow and see if I can pick up a new bathing suit.

Bill and Sadie are here.  Luigi is playing hard with Sadie and having a ball.  Sounds so good to hear Luigi healthy again. 

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