Go for it!

Go for it!

Dad and I are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel in Castro Valley for lunch at Wendy’s.  Lately, Auntie Isabel seems to be not doing as well.  I think it is a lot of little things.  Aging sucks!

Sure hope Luigi is going to be okay.  He has had a tough couple of days.  He yelps when he gets up or down the furniture.  He yelps when I try to give him a hug.  He doesn’t want to play with his ball – which he wants normally 24 hours a day.  He just is very clingy, and wants to stay right next to dad or I.  Part of the time he walks with his tail down, between his legs, and occasionally he has a nice happy, up and wagging tail.  We are just keeping an eye on him so far.  He goes back and forth between better and worse. 

This last week, I have been going to the jacuzzi every day.  Pure heaven.

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