Brendon’s Wedding Video

Brendon’s Wedding Video

Hope this video shows up.  It is so cute of Brendon dancing at his wedding.  Maybe try cutting and pasting the url if you can’t just click on it.

Miguel stopped by this morning and brought dad a Denzel Washington DVD to watch.  And he gave us ideas of where to eat lunch.  Two were for fish and chips.  The first one we went to is closed for repairs.  The second one would not take credit cards.  Dad does not use an ATM card and does not like to use cash.  So we left.  We went to San Leandro to La Pinata 2 Restaurant and had delicious mexican food.  Enchildadas.  On the way home we ran over to Walmart and did some quick shopping. 

We called Auntie Isabel and checked on Uncle Joe’s cataract eye surgery today.  Sounds like everything went well.  He is wearing a patch and taking pain medication.  Tomorrow he has two separate follow-up doctor appointments.  In-between the two appointments, we will meet them for lunch at Denny’s in Pleasanton.

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