Leap Day

Leap Day

Great Day.  Dad went to exercise and last Wednesday of the month Exercise Lunch at Sizzlers.  Free Day for Me!  Went to Walmart and bought a box to return QVC candle.  I experimented last night.  My real candle is very calm and serene.  This candle with the battery has a flicker that just plain flickers way too much and I do not feel calm.  This morning, I returned the two grinders.  Too big, and not all that special of grinding.  Went to Claudia’s Skin Care and had my one stubborn black, bristly hair on my top lip removed again.  I’m sure that it will surrender eventually.  Went to Sweet Something and picked up the caramel apple that I ordered online last night.  Then went to the movies and saw the animated, “Secret World of Arietty”.  Finished my library rented audiobook by Diane Keaton, “Then Again”.  Pretty tough.  Several discs about first her dad dying, then her mom dying.  Oh, and Davy Jones, of the Monkees died today.  Age 66.  Vegetarian, not an ounce of fat on him, runner.  Dropped dead of a heart attack.  I need to read Dr. John McDougall again and see what is causing these heart attacks is “supposedly” healthy people.  I am a BIG Monkees fan.  They are the first group that I ever went to see Live In Concert.  It was at the San Franciso Cow Palace.  Huge.  Had those cold, hard, folding chairs.  I jumped up and down with so much excitement on that chair – I Broke My Chair!  I had the Best Time Ever!  I named my first car Samuel Griselda – after the Monkees song Auntie Griselda.  I love you Davy.  You bring me so much happiness.  Rest in Peace.

I am reading one of my favorite blogs, Tioga George.  He mentions how he is
 “s o o o  spoiled”.  I totally relate to that.  I really, really, really love being spoiled.  And I really do appreciate being spoiled.  I guess it’s so obvious that I don’t have to mention it all of the time.  But, honestly, I am so spoiled – and I positively Love It!

Tonight the Disney Channel had on “101 Dalmations” with Glenn Close.  Luigi watched the entire movie.  He LOVED IT!

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