Who looks inside – awakens.

Who looks inside – awakens.

Uncle Joe has to pick up some papers from the doctors office and then go over to the Veterans and get some blood drawn this morning.  So, dad and I are driving to Pleasanton and we will meet them at Zorn’s Restaurant for lunch.  Supposed to be really warm today.  Yea!

Good news.  March 1st, Uncle Joe is going to have the cataract removed from his right eye, and they are also going to take care of his astigmatism.  He may not have to wear glasses anymore!

I can feel that “tingly” sensation on my lip.  So I am plying myself with tons of
L-Lysine – hoping and praying – that I can curb this coldsore on the spot.  I think I have been eating too much acid, which I am allergic to.  Specifically, right now, too many dill pickles and pepperocini’s.  My Favorites!  (Of course). 

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