Just wanted to write down, Fred Finch Orphanage, Oakland, CA  as a reminder to remember where my mom and her brother, Howard Climie grew up.  Also, that their parents names are Loren Hughes and Mildred South and a family French name is Twidell – not certain about the spelling.  Uncle Howard was born Byron Hughes, and mom was born Shirley Marie Hughes and in their teens were adopted by her maternal (?) grandmother and given her name – Marie Climie and her grandmother’s 4th (?) husband’s name Howard Climie.   Mom married Jack Pennington.  They had two chidren, Marie Patricia Pennington, nicknamed Penny.   Penny grew up as Penny Bellshaw; married Troy Upshaw, became Penny Upshaw; married Bob Shaw, became Penny Shaw; married Vernon Meyer, became Penny Meyer – of course, legally Marie Patricia Meyer.  Their son, Gary Dale Pennington –  became adopted, (by Ray and Marie Runyan) (my parents are Ray and Marie Magorno), and became Gary Dale Runyan.  He has since become a monk in Montana, and around 2007 approximately, has legally changed his name to Michael S. O’Brien. 

Ferdinand Magurno
E. 27th Avenue
1910 Census 
Married 1909
Buserwini – 1894 Born – Calabria, Italy
Province of Cosenza
Town – Moraira

Village – Verbicaro


Village – Verbicaro
Antonio Joseph Magorno – Born 1910
Dominic Magurno – Born Nov. 10, 1893 – Died September 10, 1987
Lizzie – Born September 14, 1894 – Married 1909 – Died 1961 Age 68 Naturalized 12/6/1948  Age 54
Tony (Antonio Joseph) – Born 9/26/1910  Died 10/22/1953  Age 43                Army 1938 – 1946

           Buried in Section U – South Drive   Site 2466
           Golden Gate National Cemetary
           1300 Sneatch Lane
           San Bruno, CA  94066

8 – 5 P.M.

Tony Magorno – September 26, 1910 – October 22, 1953  Age 43
Pete (Peter F)  Magorno – February 28, 1911 – December 1986 – Age 75
Willie Magorno – Died age 17 – accident in cannery.
Mike J. Magorno – February 5, 1915 – February 1, 1991  Age 76
Mary Dorothy Magorno (Fazzio) – 1917 – May 24, 2010   Age 93
Albert Louis Magorno – May 23, 1920 – January 25, 2006  Age 86
Joseph James Magorno – October 6, 1922
Raymond James Magorno – March 2, 1925
Dorothy Lorraine Magorno (Freitas)- May 11, 1930 – Sept. 5, 2010  Age 80

Dad’s Family

(Dad’s Mom)  Lizzie, (Elizabeth) (Rosaria) Busserwini born in Calabria, Italy

Lizzie’s Brothers Himey Busserwini and Joe Busserwini

Lizzie’s Sister Gabrielle Busserwini married Louie Pandolfo

(Dad’s Father)  Fred Magurno

Brother Dominic Magurno married Jenny.

Dominic had sons Anthony Magurno and Angelo Magurno



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    One of the best blogs on the web..

  2. Sagacious says:

    Interesting. I knew Gary Dale Runyan’s 2nd wife, Theresa Mary Rinkor. When I knew her, she was on her 5th or so husband and her kids with Runyan were adopted by him. His name was Gary Williams. At the time, they lived in Boulder, Montana. Then, they split up and she went to Idaho and got married again to a guy named Michael Wheeler. She never said anything about Runyan being a monk, though. All of her husbands were either named Gary or Michael. It was weird. So was she.

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