If you’re looking for greatness – look in the mirror!

If you’re looking for greatness – look in the mirror!

Auntie Isabel is  getting her done in Hayward today.  Then dad and I are meeting her and Uncle Joe for lunch at Hometown Buffet at Southland.  The other Hometown Buffet in Union City on Decoto Road, where dad’s exercise class has their last Wednesday of the month, Lunch – has completely closed.  They filed Chapter 11 and are now gone.  Also, the Taco Bell over there, Burned Down.   I really liked that Taco Bell.  Hope they rebuild it.

Looks like I’m on a buying jag.  Lots of little practical items.  An olive oil spray mister, which I might just use for hot sauce for popcorn and potatoes.  A superfast drying towel (hopefully for travel at some point).  Amazon Prime – for shipping, movies, books, etc.  More Avon Anew Stretch mark cream, hopefully to remove the scars from the moles I recently had removed.  Two power-toothbrush heads, extended, ultra-soft.  Avon body powder to keep extra in my room.  A new micro mouse to use with my laptop for Wild Devine.  A one-cup silicone measure, pour stir cup.  Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaning kit from QVC.  ergoSEET Portable Therapeutic Seat Cushion from QVC. 

Starbucks® Italian Roast Mug, 16 fl oz

Inspired by our French Roast coffee, this classic 16-fl oz mug with a slightly flared shape features a white motor scooter on a matte black background, accented with a green interior. Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Has a picture of a moped.

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