The power of imagination makes us infinite.

The power of imagination makes us infinite.

Nice day.  Some rain.  Got lots done.  Listening to Carrie Fisher’s book, “Shockaholic” in the car.  Kinda a downer.  Basically, about get electric shocks.  1 cd disk down, 3 to go.  Went to the post office, library, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and the bank.  Bill took dad out for hot dogs for lunch and a ride.  Yea!  I washed my pillow today.   I made popcorn, microwave potato chips, and strawberry ice cream and froze it.  Bought spicy sushi and ate most of it.  I love it.  Also, got my QVC flameless  candle with Illuminara, Dream Candle with Realistic Flame Technology that they use in Disneyland.  It uses 2 “D” batteries and has a 5 hour on, 19 hour off timer.  I LOVE IT.  It is white with a vanilla scent.  It flickers like a real candle.  I have bought so many candles, and can never use them, because I always use my ceiling fan.  Now, my ceiling fan has started making a little clicking sound, and I have not been using it this winter.  Anyway, whatever happens, I love my candle! 

Today is February 7th, and it is LindaRae and Craig’s 24th Wedding Anniversary.  They were married in 1987.

Received an email and a telephone message from HSN that there were so many NONOHair removal appliances ordered Sunday, that they ran out.  If they do not have them in by March 6th, they have to cancel my order.  Cross fingers they get them back in.

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