Big Miracle

Big Miracle

At midnight, last night, I ran to the bank’s ATM and deposited my check. Then came home and went online and ordered the NoNoHair from HSN. My first one broke. Still trying to permanently remove all my hair. It takes such a long time, but I am still hopeful it will do the job.
Today is Superbowl.  It does not start until 3:00pm.  It’s between the New York Giants and the New England Patriot’s.  Dad says that if Tom Brady, the quarterback wins, he will break Joe Montana’s record.  So, this morning we are going to the movies and see, “Big Miracle” with Drew Barrymore.  It is a true story about whales that got stuck in Alaska, way back during the Reagan administration.  Bill came over last night.  They saw the movie yesterday.  He said that at one part during the movie, even all the men cried.  Bring lots of extra napkins.  Good movie.  We didn’t cry.  Lots of kids there.  Lots of laughing.

Great game.  Giants 21  Patriots 17

We brought home Chinese food from Yummy’s.  Carol brought us leftover Straw Hat pepperoni pizza.  Delicious!

Aahhh…. I finally finished reading the sequel, “The Barefoot Sisters, Walking Home” on my Virgin Mobile LG prepaid cell phone.  I LOVE reading on this cell phone.

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