I Like Positivity!

I Like Positivity!

I woke up so happy and rested this morning.  Yesterday was so great.  Bill had dad out from 9:00 to 4:00pm.  I stayed home and organized and prepped a huge batch of homemade, healthy, fresh potato chips in the microwave with my large size silicone splash guard.  I relaxed and had such a great day.  Such a beautiful gift!

Dad and I took Luigi to the dog park.  Then we stopped on the way home and ate at Jack-in-the-Box.  It’s February 4th, but it feels like a beautiful, hot, summer day.  Also, today is Tammie and Don’s 23rd wedding anniversary.  I sent Tammie a musical email card and she called and talked with us.  We also got to talk with Caity.  Such a nice call.  Don is receiving a special commendation award from NASA, where he works.  Caity is a Junior in college to become a teacher.  Steve is in community college and will be going to college in North (?) Carolina to become a meteorologist.  Pretty cool!

Penny called tonight.  She gave me her new cell phone number.  She had pneumonia and now has COPD.  She is coughing, but she sounds good.  They are having a Superbowl party with the neighbors tomorrow.

Comcast has removed TruTV from our basic cable.  We are outraged!  Not sure, but will probably start making phone calls again, and checking on other services.  They stopped Uncle Joe’s also.  Auntie Isabel said he almost went to emergency last night for his hernia.  Sounds like he is going through all the same problems that dad has had.  Although, Uncle Joe has two hernia’s.  At their age, there is not too much they can do.  They just tell dad he has to live with it and to call if he is in severe pain.  It constantly gets larger and harder and he is miserable with it, but they cannot help him.  They say the surgery is too high-risk at his age.  He will be 87 in March.  Uncle Joe is 89.  Tommy rushed his friend, Laura to emergency and she will be there until Tuesday.  Not sure what is wrong.

Frank Mendes had a heart attack a few nights ago.  They put in a balloon and another stent.  Sounds like he has 8 stents in his heart.  But, they say he is doing well, and they will be coming to the Chinese New Year’s dinner next Saturday night.  Modern medicine is Amazing!

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