Banish bathroom odors – spray the inside of the toilet paper tube with your favorite perfume before you put it on the holder – you’ll get a burst of scent with each spin!

Invisible air freshener – place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on top of your light bulbs.  When the bulb heats up, the aroma will waft through your room.

Homemade air spray – combine 1/8 cup baking soda with 2 cups water in a spray bottle; add 10 drops of scented oil.  Shake up the mixture, and spritz into the air to absorb odors and add a fresh scent.

Vanilla-scented – use a nail to punch several holes in the lid of a glass jar, then drop in five cottonballs moistened with a few drops of vanilla extract.  Stash the closed jar in a small room or closet to naturally freshen the air.

Simmer away smells – fill a saucepan with water, then add cinnamon, cloves or even citrus peels.  Set on low heat and the delicious scent will spread around your home.  Just be sure to monitor the water level so it doesn’t evaporate away.

Easy reed diffuser – in a glass jar, combine water with four drops of your favorite essential oil.  Put reeds (sold in crafts stores) into jar; the scent will diffuse into the air.

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