Let’s start vegan

Let’s start vegan

Today I want to start vegan.  That documentary that I watched online this weekend is still haunting me.  I don’t want to be a part of that kind of suffering ever again.  Also, I am just plain fat.  I want to cut out oils and things and drop this hideous weight.  I want to stop ignoring me and life and get back in the game. 

Today dad and I are having lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Subway in Castro Valley.  I will have the vegetarian with no oil, mayonnaise, or olives.

On Twitter today, Tynan has written a new book, “Living in an RV”, which I just ordered on Kindle.  Also, Joshua Becker, just put out the challenge to read one book a week.  I am currently reading about 12 books at the same time – think I will focus and accept the challenge to “Complete” one book a week.  The feeling of completion satisfaction sounds good right now.  I’d like to find some RV camps nearby, and start getting away overnights and have more “Me” time. 

3:00pm  So far, so good.  Had a vegetarian subway sandwich.  Came home, had some baby carrots and sliced bread.  Starch, vegetables and fruit are good to eat on the McDougall diet.

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