Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

This morning, we are taking dad to Kaiser to the podiatrist and have his toenail removed.  Appears the nail has grown in all curved.  I looked on the computer, looks like it is going to be okay. 

11:00am  Podiatrist clipped the nail and said it actually looks pretty okay.  Told dad to soak foot in warm water for a couple of days.  If the nail becomes a problem again, come back in.  We were so HAPPY!

We came home and picked up Luigi.  Went for a drive past Auntie Dorothy’s house – still no sale.  Then we took the back roads to Alameda and visited Nick Russo.  He was in bed and could not wake up.  We know that he is very bad.  Poor Louise.  So sad.

3:00pm  I went and had my hair colored and cut and also got a pedicure.  Brought Chinese food home for dinner.  Scheduled appointment for tomorrow for Luigi to get groomed by Ethan at PetSmart at Bayfair.

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