Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Yesterday, Joan Roberts passed away.  She and her husband Tom Roberts did most of the real estate here in the park.  Guess it’s up to Tom now.  Today, dad and I went and made a visit to Ginny and Dale Palmer.  We used to play bunko (dice) with them in the group.  Dale has been failing.  They have their beautiful Class A motorhome up for sale.  His mobility is worse.  Now, he is starting to ask Ginny who she is.  He is frail, but looks good.  Ginny is a strong woman, yet she is just holding on.  When she was raising four children, her husband dropped dead from heart failure while they were away on vacation.  Now, two of her children, died unexpectedly, also of heart failure.  Dale is about 15 years older, and now she is caring for him. 

Dad and I took Luigi to the dog park today.  He had so much fun.  At home, he is limping around from all those shots yesterday.  At the dog park, he had so much fun.  I bought some cuticle cream for a crazy hang nail.  We called Kaiser’s Advice Nurse.  We’ll take dad into Kaiser tomorrow.  One of his toes has been bugging him for about three months.  Might be a little ingrown nail.  We’ll find out tomorrow.  Found out that Sizzler’s restaurant has changed hands, but they are keeping the name. 

Deaunn emailed me that she is doing great on the McDougall diet and feeling really good.  I told dad that I was going to start it to.  Now, I just need to figure out what exactly it is that I am going to eat.  It will be a major change.  One day at a time.  Dad was very supportive.  That made me feel really good.

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