Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition

This is utterly simple and true.  Health feels better than sickness.  You will be happier at your ideal weight than you are overweight.  You will be proud of yourself.  You’ll have confidence.  You’ll feel so many good things that right now you cannot imagine and I cannot describe.  But the net effect is that you’ll like yourself a lot more.  You’ll look in the mirror and actually like what you see; you may even love what you see.  You will have honored the person within yourself who longs to be healthy, beautiful, and free of all those burdens that overweight brings.  Life will not be perfect, but it will be better. 

And it’s easy to accomplish.  All you have to do is commit yourself to following the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss.  It works.

You do not have to be a gourmet cook to make your food delicious, either.  Just follow the recipes and practice cooking the food.  In a very short time, you will be preparing delicious, healthful, and weight-reducing meals.  Day by day, you’ll be making your best effort at creating better health.  And day by day, you’ll find yourself looking better, weighing less, and feeling more energy and confidence.  It doesn’t happen without effort.  But that’s what makes it great.  You earn the right to be healthier, happier, more vital, beautiful, and alive.  Enjoy it.  You deserve to look and feel great.

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