Kind Words Heal

Kind Words Heal

Mike Gulden came to our house this morning and told us that his dad, Bob Gulden, died last night at 10:00pm.  Rest in Peace, Sweet Bob.  You were an angel on earth. 

Today, dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Wendy’s in Castro Valley.  Poor Uncle Joe is losing it.  He keeps saying that Jack LaLanne could not have died – he just saw him on T.V. and he looked good.  We have been over this several different times now.  It’s honestly a little scary. 

Went to go to the jacuzzi – it is broken again.  Turns out, no one ordered the parts.  Hopefully, the parts may come in the end of this week.  I could sure use a nice soak.  I feel tired and achy.

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