Someday, I would really like to have LASIK Eye Surgery.

Just learned that we can go to

The MTA website lists 33 medical-travel facilitators – also known as brokers, agents, or concierges – based  in the U.S. and abroad who specialize in setting up medical trips overseas.  They can help you pick the best place to go for your medical procedure, contact the doctor and hospital, get a price proposal, transfer your medical records, arrange for visas, even set up transportation, hotels, and an escort, if you need them.  Their expertise will cost you – Companion Global Healthcare, for example, charges a flat fee of $700 – but the peace of mind may be worth it.  For instance, the price of LASIK surgery in America for both eyes averages $4,400 total.  It’s just $500 in India.  Heart bypass here is $144,000 – in India it costs an average of $5,200.  Hip replacement $50,000 – Thailand, only $7,879.  Colonoscopy $3,080 – Mexico, $800.  Dental implants – $2,800 per tooth – Costa Rica, $900 per tooth.

In addition, it is a great excuse to Travel!

Later this morning, Bill is driving dad, Dan Patten and myself to Harry’s Hofbrau.  The morning walking group – which dad used to belong to when he could walk – are having their Christmas lunch today and we have been invited.


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