Helping changes two lives; someone else’s and yours!

Helping changes two lives; someone else’s and yours!

Uncle Joe is going to the doctor this morning and getting the results to his latest tests about his stomach this morning.  Then dad and I are meeting him and Auntie Isabel in Dublin at the Waffle House.  This whole week has been so great.  Calm, fun, and positive.

The good news is, Uncle Joe has a bacterial infection.  The bad news is, the prescription costs $500!  So, they are going to take the prescription over to the Veterans hospital and see if they can get it filled there for $8.00.  They most likely will make him see one of the Vet’s doctors, so we will see how this proceeds.

Dad and I went to Kaiser to visit Dale Palmer.  He is 90 years old and had a bad fall.  He was sound asleep, so we left him a note.

Today is Bill and Carol’s 31st Anniversary.  We called and sang “Happy Anniversary” to them.  Bill said he forgot that today is there anniversary.  (Oops.)

5:00pm  Good News!  Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel went to the Veteran’s Hospital – literally, within 15 minutes, they add the prescription approved – 3 medications – total $24.00.  The medicine will be mailed to them and they will receive it within a week.

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