Yes, you can accomplish anything!

Yes, you can accomplish anything!

For a number of reasons, many health-related – I have not worn my pierced earrings for a very long time and the inside of the back of my right ear had closed up.  So, Today – I went to Southland Mall to the Piercing Pagoda and had my ear
re-pierced.  I am so glad that I did.  I ended up spending $68 because they make you buy a new pair of earrings.  Tonight, I am sitting here very happy that I will be able to start wearing pierced earrings again. 

Talked to CoCo today.  They are now officially “snow-birds”.  Tuesday they set out for Idaho, in their new 5th Wheel.  Right now they are in Oregon and will eventually spend a few months back in Modesto. 

Dad and I ran around including Walmart.  We ate all kinds of delicious left-overs and good food from Bill and Carol.  Plus, today I bought us a whole watermelon and some egg nog.  lol  Good combination.

I am especially enjoying my Android cell phone, which includes Kindle.  I am reading, “The Barefoot Sisters”, “The Ultimate Vegan Guide”,  “Living Large in a Small Tin Can” (the long, long honeymoon in an RV), “Quick-fix Vegan”, and more.  I AM LOVING IT!

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