Today is the Cousin’s Family Day.  Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel do not want to attend the Cousin’s Family Day’s anymore.  They are doing well, but they are definitely slowing down.  Uncle Joe is not looking as well.  He has been having diarrhea for several months now.  They have given him every test in the book.  He is losing weight and we just cannot find out what is happening.  Very frustrating and exhausting.  He is so loving and terrific, but this health-thing is taking it’s toll.  He is 89, and of course, it is a little scary.

Great turn-out at Fuddruckers.  Kenny, Lisa, Jim, Carlotta, Debbie, Kim, Landon, Annie, Krissy, Tyler, Mason and Sydney.  Deaunn was not able to come today, because yesterday, her husband, Jean – and emergency heart surgery and they put a stint in.  The procedure went well and he is doing well. 

I have been downloading  so many Kindle books onto my Android cell phone.  I will never have time to read them all.  It is a little harder to read on that little screen than it is to read a book.  The screen is only about three inches.  One of the books is, “The Ultimate Vegan Guide, Compassionate Living Without Sacrifice”.  I keep reading all these books about eating healthy, and then I keep eating very badly.  But, again, I want to try and eat much better.  Years ago, when I lived in Colorado, I was a vegetarian for two years – and I felt the best that I ever felt.  It seems so much more difficult when I am with my family.  But, actually, I think my dad would go along with me now.  He just likes it alot when I fix the food for him.  And even the nights that I only fix a big salad, he really likes it.

First, dad and I are going to stop by See’s Candy at Stoneridge.  Dad received a coupon – buy one box – get one box free.  We would like to get a box for Bill and Carol next door.  These two are so good to us.  If I wrote down, every single day, what they do for us – it would be overwhelming.  They are the best!

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