You deserve the very best!

You deserve the very best!

Tonight, LindaRae, Craig, dad and I went to Chef’s Experience China Bistro for dinner.  Good food lots of fun.

Earlier today, LindaeRae’s son Dustin, his wife Erin, and their children Logan and Chloe came by and visited.  Luigi showed them all of us tricks.  Great visit. 

Of course, in between all the activities we watched the San Francisco 49ers WIN!

Naturally, dad is a little sore from his falls and scrapes last night, but he is doing great.  Just a little slower.  Early this morning, dad and Bill went in Bill’s golf cart and passed out flyers.  Just an all-around beautiful day.

We finished off the Krispy Kreme donuts.  Had lots of salami and cheese.  I sold and wrapped another book that I sold on  Yesterday, I ran back to Krispy Kreme and bought the cup that Skipper said he would love to have.  It’s all wrapped and ready to mail.  I hope he is Happily Surpised when he receives it!!

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