There’s so much to like about you!

There’s so much to like about you!

Craig is making us home-made German pancakes this morning.  None of us have had them before.  They sound really delicious. 

Skipper and Cheri have to leave today and pick up Cheri’s mom in Folsom by Sacramento.  I’m going to miss them terribly.

Tonight, dad and I went to the Park’s celebration of 34 years.  We have been here from the beginning.  Lots of fun.  Good food.  Fun people.  Great music.  Getting back into the car to come home, dad fell.  Pretty scary.  Fortunately, Lindarae was there, and Dan Scott helped get dad back up off the ground and into the car.  Yes, I took another little xanax.  These falls make me nervous.  But, he does seem okay.  More shaken up really.  We brought him home, and gave him a couple of drinks.  🙂    Now, I am Very Tired.  Quite the end to a beautiful day.  Did I mention that I went barefooting around town this afternoon.  I LOVE IT!

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