Help yourself, too!

Help yourself, too!

This morning, both dad and I have 11:30am appointments with Dr. Hardy, the dermitologist.  Dad to check his moles for melanoma. (Everything looked good!)  And me, to remove one ugly mole.  When we are done, we will meet Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel in Pleasanton.

Uncle Joe made us hot Italian sausage on sourdough rolls.  Delicious! 

Have I mentioned lately, that I still dream every day of someday getting a Class B van and traveling??  My dream is still alive.  It’s on my mind 24 hours a day, even though I never have anyone to share my dream with.  Just, my own private, little (big) dream.  I just wanted to write it down, in my very own blog, because it is important to me.  Will I be lonely when the day comes, or ecstatically happy.  Somehow, I believe Happy Resonates Within Me!  Smile!

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