Light up someone’s world. Smile!

Light up someone’s world. Smile!

This morning I have an appointment with Dr. Chan to check my moles.  I think they are pretty much okay, but it’s for peace of mind.  I would like a couple removed because they are a little itchy and I have started picking at them.  But, you know, they usually don’t want to remove them.  It should be a pretty simple appointment.  Also, I think I’ll ask him about a second colonoscopy.  It has been five years.  Since mom had colon cancer and an ileostomy for ten years, dad’s dad died of colon cancer, and dad always has polyps removed when he is tested – I think it wouldn’t hurt just to keep an eye on things.

6:00pm  – Good doctors visit.  My doctor froze off three tags.  The “Roving Dermitologist” happened to be dad’s dermitologist, Dr. Hardy!  Because of our unusual last name, he asked if I was dad’s daughter.  I told him that dad has an appointment with him Monday.  He said that he is going to schedule a visit for me at the same time, and remove one mole!  This was such a great visit.

Also, I went to the movies and saw, ” A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas”.  Although, I did not see it in 3D.  Nice, quick, cute movie.

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