The past doesn’t decide the future. You do.

The past doesn’t decide the future. You do.

Another beautiful, sunny day.  Went to Best Buy this morning, to get help with my “not working” Sirius satellite radio.  It’s been out for over a month.  Long story short – after over an hour on the telphone with Sirius – my radio appears to no longer be happy.  So I had to order another radio from Sirius for $141.00.  They tell me I can have three radio’s to cover my “Lifetime” membership.  This radio only lasted for six years, as I bought it in 2005.  Doesn’t six years seem like a very short time to you for a radio??  We have radio’s that are over sixty years old.  After all was said and done, I had forgotten to tell Best Buy that also my regular radio is not working.  Not sure how that is all connected.  Maybe that might have made a difference.  Any way – the new radio is on it’s way. 

Ran around all day and got lots of errands done.  Also, went barefooting!  I do LOVE going barefoot.  Wish I could do it all the time.

Dad and I went to Taco Bell tonight and got their latest Chalupa special.  Delicious!  Messy, but delicious.

This nice, warm weather always makes me so happy.

Tonight, I finally got brave and tried both – black strap molasses, and – balsamic vinegar.  I tasted about 1/2 teaspoon of the black strap molasses.  Not bad.  A little different.  An acquired taste.  But not too bad.  Then, later I used the balsamic vinegar on my green salad.  Pretty fun and tasty.  I also tried kale.  Wasn’t too crazy about it.  I threw it all out.  I’ll try it again sometime.  I don’t need to enjoy everything the first time around.  I wanted to celebrate my successful braveness.  I’m such a finicky eater.  But, I really do want to eat healthier.  One step closer!  Smile!

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