Health Miracles at Your Fingertips.

Health Miracles at Your Fingertips.

Turn Off Cravings!
Press above your upper lip.  The indentation between your nose and upper lip is the accupressure point for weight-related problems because pressing it quells food cravings.  Whenever you feel a craving calling your name, pinch this spot – called the “Renzhong point” – with your thumb and forefinger 30 times and your craving will disappear!

Unstuff a Stuffy Nose!
Press behind each nostril.
Pressing these two points for 2 minutes with your index fingers helps break up congestion, drain the sinuses and open your nasal passages.  Result:  less inflammation and swelling, so you breathe easier right away!  This effectively treats chronic sinus and nasal symptoms 99% of the time!

Feel Less Tired!
Press alongisde the bridge of your nose.
Called “Jingming” in Chinese, the two spots along the bridge of the nose where the eyes and nose meet affect the head’s ophthalmic nerve, making it the go-to point for anything eye-related.  These acupoints have been used successfully to treat night blindness, nearsightedness, blurriness, eye pain and the tiredness that goes along with eyestrain.  And because the eyes and brain are so closely linked, pressing these points for 15 seconds, twice a day, can help you refresh and energize!

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