You’re headed to someplace great!

You’re headed to someplace great!

Okay, where to start with Columbo Club last night.  Of course, the loud background noise always hurts my ears so much.  No one could hear anyone, and everyone kept saying, “What did he say?”  It turned out to be “Hawaiian Night”.  Everyone was dressed Hawaiian, but us.  NO PASTA!  Risotta and chicken, and timusa (sp) like cake with lots of cream. Yuck! Great bread though!  I just kept singing, and cursing and talking to myself, since no one could hear me or see me.  Oh yes, did I mention the average age was 95!  At 86, my dad actually looked the unhealthiest last night.  Uncel Joe and Auntie Isabel danced quite a bit.  SO CUTE!!!!!!!  Dad and Uncle Joe saw lots of old friends – that they thought were already dead – hahaha –  They really enjoyed seeing everyone and that was great.   I always feel totally alone in a crowd.  Crowd’s are not my thing.  I don’t mind people-watching, but it is really a waste for me to be there.  I always feel trapped. 

I ordered a “picnic blanket” online last night.  Went to the park yesterday, and layed on the grass and looked at the clouds.  Loved It!  Came home, and my allergies were all broke out everywhere that my body touched the grass!  I am just a barrel of fun.  Bad ears, allergies.  I always want a healthy body, but …. que sera. 

Guess we’ll hang out today and watch the 49ers this morning, and the Raiders this afternoon.  I’ll make us hot sausage sandwiches.  Smile!

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