There’s room in your heart for more love. Let it in!

There’s room in your heart for more love. Let it in!

Today is the last day that my soap opera for 41 years will air on T.V.  “All My Children”.  It has been my safe space.  I tape it every day, and at the end of the day, I spend in Pine Valley.  Good bye, dear, familiar, friend.

Nice, warm day today.  Dad and I spend a few hours watching Huell Howser shows.  Barstow, the Hornet ship in Alameda, Water, etc.  Then we drove to Del Taco in Newark.  We took dad’s car.  As he was backing out of the driveway, Norm was in his golf cart delivering rent notices to the mailing tubes.  Henry, across the street – and I, both yelled at Norm, “MOVE”!  Sure enough, dad never did see Norm.  Scared poor Norm who said, “If he can’t see me, he shouldn’t be driving!”  True enough.  I talked to dad about it.  He promises to look more carefully next time.  lol  I keep noticing that dad has more and more “little problems”.  Aging is no fun.  But, overall, I think he is doing pretty well.   One day at a time.

At 6:30pm we took Luigi across the street to throw the frisbee and tire him out.  Bill and Sadie came a little later, as well as some other gals and their dogs.  We really had a great time.  Such an awesome summer evening.  Today is the first day of fall.

Then, I went to the jacuzzi and swimming pool for two hours.  This has been one of those amazing, peaceful days. 

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