Life Never Runs Out of Goodness

Life Never Runs Out of Goodness

Dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at CoCo’s Restaurant today.
Yumi, her hair dresser, called her at 8:00am this morning and they went in at 9:00am.  BUT, they did not call us and tell us about the change.  I thought we were not meeting until 12:30pm so I did a few errands and also returned some tops to KMart – I keep ordering XL, but I wear XL Petite – small shoulders, short arms.  It’s a tough size to find.

Poor dad is not feeling well at all today.  His tummy hurts, and this morning he couldn’t breathe and had to run outside.  He’s still not feeling too well, but, so far, he says it’s just a bad day, and won’t let me call the doctor.

Guess what else happened today.  In December 2005, I bought a Lifetime Subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio.  That’s the lifetime of just the radio – not the service.  Today, I lost the signal.  After an hour of hassel and disconnects on the phone – (my radio is hard-wired in my car) – they told me I had to go pay for service and have them disconnect the hard wire and satellite antenna – just to CHECK it.  I’m too upset to think right now, so I’m not going to do anything.  I’ll just turn my regular radio back on and listen to my CD’s in the car.

Aside from all this – I, myself, am feeling pretty good today.  So, que sera!  Smile!

Dad, Bill, Sadie, Luigi and I, went to the park across the street and played tonight.

Then I went and enjoyed the jacuzzi and the swimming pool.  Perfect evening!

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