Anything is possible.

Anything is possible.

Awww… and it had been such a nice day.   Do I begin at the beginning or the end.  Okay, I’ll vent first.  lol  Went down to the swimming pool tonight – it is a nice hot day and hot night – and the swimming pool heater core is broken.  The pool is ice cold.  And the managers that work here are notorious for taking up to six months to repair our jacuzzi or our swimming pool.  So, this week is supposed to be nice and hot – and NO POOL!  I’m pretty angry.

Okay, back to the beginning.  Nice morning.  I fixed dad and I bacon and eggs for breakfast.  We watched both the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers.  Both great games, though in the end, we actually did lose both games.

Watched the Emmy’s.  Taped most of it, so we were able to fast forward through commercials.  I thought it was pretty fun.  Then we took Luigi to the park across the street.  There were three other gals, with three other dogs.  They all played together and we really had a lot of fun. 

Dad is still struggling with feeling well.  I think he took too many pills, so I started filling him up with lots of liquids, and cold wash cloths, and got him out of the house.  He is doing much better now.  This was a really good day. 

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