You make a difference every day.

You make a difference every day.

Dad didn’t make it to exercise this morning.  Yesterday, out of the blue, Uncle Joe asked dad if has fallen any more.  Dad said, “No, I haven’t Fallen!”  So, of course, five minutes after we get home, dad is cleaning the back yard, and Falls!  Really, just a scraped shin.  But, it did hurt.  So last night, dad took a Norco pain pill and a Restoril sleep pill.  He slept really well.  Bill saw dad limping around this morning, and started yelling to go to the doctor. 

Meanwhile, I had an early appointment at Claudia’s Skin Care and had some minor electolysis done on a couple of bristoly hairs.  She did a great job and I am really happy with the results.  Meanwhile, Bill is still yelling at dad.  Dad is still mostly sleeping.  Finally, about noon, we called the Kaiser Advice Nurse, and decided he should go to the Minor Injury Clinic tonight at 7:00pm.

Then Miguel stopped by.  Bill has been down at the clubhouse scaring everybody with how bad dad is.  Dad is fine.  So, we are just going to kick back and relax until it’s time for his appointment.

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