Amazing is part of who you are!

Amazing is part of who you are!

Today we are going to Pleasanton to visit Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.
We all had lunch at In-n-Out.  Delicious.

Good news, Carl and Nikki, are going to take the small chest freezer that Uncle Joe has been trying to give to Krissy all summer.  I was looking up, when Bill showed up.  This worked out so much better.

I tried one of dad’s valium’s last night.  I think it did relax me a little bit, but definitely has not helped me sleep at all.  Thought it was worth a try.  I am so bad at taking any kind of pills, but thought it was worth a try.  Pills just don’t work for me.  I always have more side effects than results.  Guess I’ll count my blessings.  I’ll be 60 in four months, and fortunately I do not take any medications.  When I talk to other people and other family members, this appears to be a rare thing.  So, I am mega happy about that.

9:00pm  Bill and Sadie came over.  Carl and Nikki’s friend just bought a freezer last week, so now they are not going to take the freezer.  Back to square one.

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