Pass on some positivity. Smile!

Pass on some positivity.  Smile!

Beautiful day.  Easy going morning.  Then took myself to the movies and saw “Smurf” with Neil Patrick Harris.  Very cute, but I did fall asleep.  When it comes on DVD, I’ll rent it and watch the part I fell asleep during. 

Some of my Amazon and eBay items are selling!  It’s fun to make a little side money. 

Went barefooting again today.  Went to a park.  Also, found some paths to walk or practice barefoot running.  The closest is right here at Twin Bridges by the golf course.  They have a park, and also all of the streets with houses have “really good” sidewalks.  They stay even, not up and down the driveways. 

We took Luigi across the street to the park and played frisbee and wore him out. Did lots of other little things today.  Just a nice, smooth wonderful day.

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