There’s no such thing as a silly dream.

There’s no such thing as a silly dream.

Took dad to physical therapy at Vibrant Care in Castro Valley this morning.  Then we went and visited Rose.  Her mobility has gotten worse, but her mind is as bright as ever at age 92.

Then we went and had lunch at El Rancho Restaurant.  Think we are going to take a little break from this restaurant for a while.  Today the service was so bad.  Then we were told our coupon was no longer good for the $9.99 prices, only for the $11.99 prices – Exact Same Meal!  THEN!  The manager came over and told us directly – that if we did not “cut” the coupon “ourselves” – they would Not accept the coupon.  The food was delicious, but we were so upset.  It was such nonsense, but feeling “Unwelcome to the MAXX!  You know, some days are like that. 

I went to the post office and the library, and then we watched Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “Vertigo” with James Stewart and Kim Novak.  Stupid.  There I said it.  But, I did finish the delicious steak sandwich and had a root beer popsicle.  All is well.  Smile.

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