Special. It’s what you are!

Special.  It’s what you are!

Today is the Cousins Family Lunch Day.  We are meeting in Castro Valley at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant. 

 Carlotta, Deaunn, Lindaellen, Ray, Kenny, Debbie

Isabel, Debbie, Joe, Deaunn

Here are a couple of pictures from our Family Luncheon today.  My camera was set on Movie and everything was coming out jumbled.  We went to Kenny and Lisa’s afterwards and had a great afternoon.

Today, September 10, it has been five years since my mom has passed away.  I am so grateful that she was with me in June, during our trailer, tire-blow-out, near Winnemucca, Nevada.  Cousin Angelo said that September 10 – many, many years ago – is also the anniversary of Uncle Dominic passing.  He was 94.  He is my dad’s – father’s brother.  Also, today is LindaRae’s Birthday!  Happy birthday LindaRae!

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