You can beat any challenge.

You can beat any challenge.

Yesterday was good.  In the morning, the cleaning ladies came and we went to the clubhouse dining table.  I decided to go in my long jeans and barefoot.  Sure enough, first thing we walk in, dad and everyone jump on me for being barefooted.  It’s pretty odd that people would care, but I did expect it.  So, with each comment, I said nothing.  It was perfect.  They dropped the subject and moved on.  And I loved being barefoot.

We took Luigi to the park tonight and played frisbee – barefoot.
Went to the jacuzzi and swimming pool afterwards, barefoot.  I’ve always loved going barefoot and have been reading a lot about it on the internet and am currently reading, “The Barefoot Book”.  It’s even healthier than I suspected.

Now, I am reading “A Race for Life” by Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.  I am very inspired.  Her vegan eating is very minimalist – no grains, no dairy, no beans or legumes, no oils.  I love the simplicity of it.  She is a big advocate of running.  But, she wears shoes, and I am leaning towards barefoot.  I use to not enjoy running when I was young, but running barefoot is appealing to me.

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