Your dreams are your destination. And they’re closer than you think.

Your dreams are your destination.  And they’re closer than you think.

This morning the cleaning ladies are coming.  We are just going to run over to the clubhouse for coffee and hot chocolate.  It is cool enough this morning, we can leave Luigi in the car outside the clubhouse.  Later this morning Auntie Isabel has her eye doctor appointment.  Pictures taken of her eye, and injection in her eye.  Then we’ll all meet at Denny’s in Fremont.  If I were ever to seriously consider trying vegan right now, honestly, how could I do it with us going to restaurants so often.  I should just try to eat the best that I can when we are not out.  Considering how much junk food that I eat, that would be a huge improvement.  And a good first step.  And probably fun – which I like!

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