No one is more loveable than you are.

No one is more loveable than you are.

Dad went to Wednesday exercise today.  At 11:30am we met Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Doug’s Restaurant in Castro Valley for brunch.  Auntie Isabel is having her hair done today at 2:00pm, because she has her eye doctor appointment scheduled for tomorrow.

Tommy spent the night Sunday in Pleasanton.  Good thing.  Uncle Joe had an emergency – couldn’t pee – and Tommy drove him to the hospital.  Took about three hours, but everything is okay.  Got antibiotics and other medication.

They want us all to go to Columbo Club the last Saturday night of this month.  Should be fun.

Today I ordered Huarache Barefoot Running Sandals from the Branca website. I went barefoot to the library and to the post office.  It felt so good.  There were sprinklers and I splashed in the puddles.  Honestly, these are the kinds of things that bring me great joy.

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